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Citizens beware of scammers; Scammers people are on to you

Good day.  If you or any loved one live in the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Australia, you need to watch these videos. Scum… er… Scammers continue to run amok, bilking unsuspecting people from hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars daily, and occasionally over a hundred thousand, often the people’s entire life savings.  Some of the people, when the find out they have been scammed go into depression as the money doesn’t get recovered, some even committing suicide.  Yes, scammers have caused people to commit suicide.

The Scammers from within those countries themselves are terrible but, worse, are the scammers from the following regions:

  1. Africa –> mainly Nigeria
  2. Asia –> mainly India
  3. Caribbean –> mainly Jamaica

Understand that the vast majority of people from those countries are law-abiding people, would NEVER scam anyone, and do not support such behavior.  The Africans, Asians, and Caribbean people I know, are all appalled at the behavior of these scammers from their region or country.

But, there is some good news.  There are people getting arrested, scam centers and operations (from home/offices) getting shut down, and few scammers turning “informant” against their own operations.

Africa – Nigeria

Asia – India

Caribbean – Jamaica

Ireland and Afghanistan now both Test cricket nations

In an unprecedented move, the  International Cricket Council (ICC) have upgraded both Afghanistan and Ireland to “Test Cricket status”, up from next level of “Associate nations”, joining the other ten (10) full test playing nations of

  1. England – 1877
  2. Australia – 1877
  3. South Africa – 1889 (12 years later)
  4. West Indies – 1928 (39 years later)
  5. New Zealand – 1930 (2 years later)
  6. India – 1932 ( 2 years later)
  7. Pakistan – 1952 (20 years later)
  8. Sri Lanka – 1982 (30 years later)
  9. Zimbabwe – 1992 (10 years later)
  10. Bangladesh – 2000 (8 years later)

This marked the first time since cricket competition began with England and Australia in 1877 that 2 teams have been voted in together.  \

Ireland has beaten 3 test teams (Pakistan, England, and West Indies) in prior World Cups. Afghanistan was able to win an ODI (One Day International) match just about 2 weeks ago over the West Indies, in a drawn series.

Congrats to Ireland and Afghanistan.


West Indies comes “alive” against Bangladesh
November 2, 2011

West Indies showed a bit of batting from the likes of Kevin Edwards and Darren Bravo to win the 2nd Test match against lowly “newcomers” Bangladesh, winning the Test series 1-0 in the process.

The bowling was good but the batting didn’t let them down this time.  In the end the West Indies won by 229 runs, not exactly a great feat by any stretch of the imagination, but commendable.

Next up in the Sub-Continent for the West Indies is the mighty Indians who just come off a series with the touring English team.

Congratulations to the West Indies.  If, without Gayle and Sarwan, the West Indies can do something against India in India they will gain some credibility immediately.  The reason?  India has become deadly at home in recent time.