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Champs 2017 (#Champs2017) will be Mar 28 through April 01, 2017
Boys & Girls Champs 2017 #Champs2017

The ISSA/Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Athletic Championships (“Champs”) will begin on Mar 28, 2017 at 9AM and end April 01, 2017 just after 8PM. One thing we can be sure of is that the winning schools on the boys and girls side will be no April’s fools.

You may remember that the Gibson-McCook relays was just over a week ago.

Live Stream Champs 2017

1SpotMedia reprises their coverage of Champs on Pay-Per-View.

You may purchase the event from 1SpotMedia (use the https when ordering or click link) and live stream #Champs any day from March 28 through April 1, 2017.

WARNING: It is expensive in our opinion and 1SpotMedia does well to entice us to purchase the entire event, though many do not watch the first 3 days online.

Represent Your School

Whether you are going to the National Stadium, watching on TV, listening on the radio, or live-streaming, don’t forget to represent your school here on Yowlink. If your school already has a Yow group, join and represent. Otherwise, create one.

As always, stay tuned to Yowlink for more information.

5 in a row for Calabar, 3 in a row for Edwin Allen

#Champs2016 is over with a celebration akin to “New Years eve/night” without fireworks with Edwin Allen Comprehensive and Calabar winning the Girls and Boys Champs respectively.

Calabar High School, heavy favorites going into the 2016 Boys Athletic Championships, shook of challenges on the final day from Kingston College and Jamaica College to lift their 5th in a row, and 26 total Champs. Edwin Allen made it 3 in a row and 4 total Girls Championships, and were not threatened at all on the final day.

Girls Champs

  1. Edwin Allen – 329.5
  2. Hydel – 263
  3. St. Jago – 241.5
  4. Holmwood – 184
  5. Vere – 139
  6. Excelsior – 80,
  7. STETHS – 72,
  8. Wolmer’s – 63.2,
  9. Manchester High – 55
  10. Alpha 45.2

Boys Champs

  1. Calabar – 287.5
  2. KC – 250
  3. JC – 227.5
  4. St. Jago – 175
  5. STETHS – 100
  6. Petersfield – 71
  7. Excelsior – 63
  8. Munro – 51
  9. Wolmer’s – 50
  10. Herbert Morrison – 33

Congratulations to the youngsters, some of whmo may be representing us in Brazil at the Olympics later this year, and certainly in the future.

Talk to me nuh.

ISSA Boys & Girls Athletic Championships scheduled for Mar 15-19

#Champs2016, the ISSA Boys & Girls Athletic Championships (Champs) is scheduled for Tuesday Mar 15 – Saturday Mar 19, 2016. In arguably the best high-school level athletic championship in the world, Champs was extended an extra day to give distance / steeplechase runners an extra day of rest.

#Champs2016 Live Feed outside Jamaica

Champs is usually broadcasted in Jamaica but viewers outside of Jamaica can watch it live[stream] on 1SpotMedia pay-per-view. The cost is up from prior years offered by 1SpotMedia and SportsMax, etc.

#Champs2016 Event Schedule

To see the day and times of each event, you may download this PDF.


Feel free to come back to Yowlink and represent your school.  Log in, and join your school’s group… or create one if it’s not already created.

Gibson-McCook Relays 2016

The 2016 staging of the Gibson-McCook Relays is scheduled for Saturday February 27th, starting at 9:00 AM at the National Stadium in Kingston, Jamaica.  Unlike prior weeks this year, there are NO other scheduled track and field events in Jamaica.

The Events

You may view the list of events on the Track and Field Jamaica’s Gibson-McCook Relays site but some of the relay events to watch out for include:

4x100M @ prep, primary, high school, college/university levels

Live Stream

People outside Jamaica can get the live stream from SportsMax . As of Friday, the cost is $4.99 for the entire day of streaming (9:30 am – 9:30 pm).

What’s Next

The ISSA Boys and Girls Athletic Championships 2016 (#ISSAChamps2016) scheduled for MAR 15 – 19 | 2016 at The National Stadium, Kingston, Jamaica.

Look out for more information from your #1 source of Caribbean-related information, Yowlink.