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Buju Banton deh pon street again after release December 07, 2018

it is official.  Buju Banton, born Mark Anthony Myrie, has been released from prison after being arrested in December 2009 and convicted in February 2011.  It is a big deal and cell videos surfaced immediately of Buju Banton boarding the plane.

The Free Buju group here on on Yowlink seems to have been updated (the image removed already) by the group’s administrators.

Many fans and well-wishers did not expect Buju to be convicted back in February 2011 but we remember how sad it was when the news broke that he had received 10 years in a maximum security prison.

But, nevertheless, he is free and we expect the buzz to continue for days, weeks, and the next few months. Yowlink hopes to get an interview with the newly-released Reggae icon. Right now, we have to just “join the line“. Stay tuned.

Yow Yawdies, Caribbean people, Reggae music enthusiasts, and others, what do you have to say about the incarceration, the trial, and Buju in general?

Yow, talk to me nuh?

Vybez Kartel Faces Life After Guilty Verdict

Dancehall Reggae artist Vybz Kartel has been convicted of murder. In a high-profile trial under heavy security, Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, and three of the four co-defendants were found guilty of killing, Clive “Lizard” Williams, in a dispute over missing gun(s).

The Verdict

The verdict returned 10-1 as follows:

  1. Adidja Palmer – GUILTY
  2. Shawn Campbell – GUILTY
  3. Kahira Jones – GUILTY
  4. Andre St John – GUILTY
  5. Shane Williams – Not GUILTY

Defense Lawyer Threatens Appeal

Kartel’s defense lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson called the prosecution’s case against his client “dishonest” citing missing witness statements and evidence CD. After the verdict, where Vybez and co-defendants seemed surprised, Tavares-Finson said he would appeal the verdict.

Prior Murder Case against Kartel

This is the 2nd murder trial against Kartel.  In last year’s (2013) murder trial, Kartel and two other co-defendants were “exonerated” after prosecutors failed to produce evidence to support allegations that the trio killed businessman Barrington “Bossy” Burton in 2011, and the government witness failed to show.  However, Kartel was not released because of the 2nd (recent) murder trial pending.

Juror Arrested in 10-1 Verdict

In something you see in mob movies, a juror at the Vybez Kartel murder trial was taken into custody on allegations bribery. News reaching Yowlink wa that the juror approached another, offering a bribe in exchange for a not guilty verdict


The majority of people “polled” or who commented in Jamaica, the United States, Canada, and UK, felt this was a just verdict and some expressed happiness that Jamaica’s justice system might have taken a micro-step towards improvement.

What is your take.  Talke to me nuh


Wayne “Sleng Teng” Smith legacy

On Monday, news hit Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America, the UK, and the world that the creator of the first fully-computerized Dancehall Reggae “riddim” (rhythm), “Sleng Teng”, Wayne Smith, had passed away at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) in Kingston, Jamaica.

Wayne Smith (nicknamed Wayne “Sleng Teng” Smith) recorded the first song on the riddim in 1985 called “Unda Mi Sleng Teng“. It was an immediate hit and what followed were a barrage of songs recorded in 1985 and beyond.

There were songs like:

1. Batta Batta – Charlie Chaplin
2. Hey Bobby – Cocoa Tea
3. Capture Rasta – Culture
4. Original Fat Ting – Echo Minott
5. Put Your Hand Pon The Key – Echo Minott
6. Call The Police – John Wayne
7. Buddy Bye – Johnny Osbourne
8. Get Mi Grammy – Lee Van Cliff
9. Catch The Style – Little John
10. The Don – Peter Metro
11. Shock Me A Shock – Shelly Thunder
12. Jamming in The Street – Sugar Minott
13. Trash and Ready – Super Cat
14. Big Thing – Tappa Zukie
15. Pumpkin Belly – Tenor Saw
16. Every Posse Get Ready – Tonto Irie
17. Raggamuffin Style – Tony Tuff
18. Computer – Uglyman

19. Boops Fi Dem – Cocoa Tea
20. Ninja Mi Ninja – King Kong
21. Kill Them Wid It – Admiral Bailey

Our condolences go out to the family, and friends of Mr. “Sleng Teng” Smith.

What were your favorite songs since 1985 through the 2000s on the “Sleng Teng” riddim?  Talk to me nuh.

Vybez Kartel in court

Vybez Kartel, if not guilty on a technicality (key witness cannot be found), may still not go free because he’s to be held until 2nd murder trial later this year.  The dancehall reggae artist, born Adidja Palmer, was held on separate murder charges and all indication is that he will not be found guilty on the current charge due to the fact that the key witness may be in hiding, or cannot be found.

What do you think about the case?  Talk to mi nuh.