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Fidel Castro, former Cuban President, dies at 90
November 26, 2016

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Former Cuban President, Fidel Castro, has died.

After overthrowing then Cuban president, Fulgencio Batista, Castro governed Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976. Then he was President from 1976 to 2008, when he handed over the reigns to his brother, current President, Raul Castro. Politically, Castro was a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist and a long-time enemy of United States who was friendly with Russia.

Many within Cuba and around the Caribbean mourn, even as many in South Florida rejoice.

Castro was 90 years old and will be cremated today.

How do you feel about Castro and his legacy? Talk to me nuh.

5 in a row for Calabar, 3 in a row for Edwin Allen

#Champs2016 is over with a celebration akin to “New Years eve/night” without fireworks with Edwin Allen Comprehensive and Calabar winning the Girls and Boys Champs respectively.

Calabar High School, heavy favorites going into the 2016 Boys Athletic Championships, shook of challenges on the final day from Kingston College and Jamaica College to lift their 5th in a row, and 26 total Champs. Edwin Allen made it 3 in a row and 4 total Girls Championships, and were not threatened at all on the final day.

Girls Champs

  1. Edwin Allen – 329.5
  2. Hydel – 263
  3. St. Jago – 241.5
  4. Holmwood – 184
  5. Vere – 139
  6. Excelsior – 80,
  7. STETHS – 72,
  8. Wolmer’s – 63.2,
  9. Manchester High – 55
  10. Alpha 45.2

Boys Champs

  1. Calabar – 287.5
  2. KC – 250
  3. JC – 227.5
  4. St. Jago – 175
  5. STETHS – 100
  6. Petersfield – 71
  7. Excelsior – 63
  8. Munro – 51
  9. Wolmer’s – 50
  10. Herbert Morrison – 33

Congratulations to the youngsters, some of whmo may be representing us in Brazil at the Olympics later this year, and certainly in the future.

Talk to me nuh.

JLP wins elections in Jamaica

Andrew Holness is now Jamaica’s Prime Minister-elect as his opposition Jamaica Labor Party (JLP) won the February 25 elections over the ruling People’s National Party (PNP), winning 33 of the 63 seats.  Interestingly, the PNP had an ~ 4% lead in the polls when Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller called the elections.

Congratulations to Mr. Holness and the JLP.  Let’s pray for our country, Mr. Holness, our leaders, and our citizens that we may continue to represent well to the rest of the world in Education, Sports, Farming/produce/goods, Values, Ethics, and just the “One Love” attitude.  One Love.

Past Jamaican National Elections

2011: 42-21 – PNP
2002: 34-26 – PNP
2007: 31-29 – JLP
1997: 50-10 – PNP
1993: 52-8 – PNP
1989: 45-15 – PNP
1983: 60-0 – JLP (PNP did not contest)
1980: 51-9 – JLP
1976: 47-13 – PNP
1972: 37-16 – PNP
1967: 33-20 – JLP
1962: 26-19 – JLP
1959: 29-16 – PNP
1955: 18-14 – PNP
1949: 17-13- 2 (PNP-13; independents-2)
1944: 22-5-5 (PNP-5; independents-5)

Opposition PNM defeats PP in Trinidad & Tobago general elections
Keith Rowley, T&T President-elect, leader of PNMKeith Rowley, T&T President-elect, leader of PNM

The Keith Rowley-led opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) party defeated the incumbent Kamla Persad-Bissessar‘s People’s Partnership (PP) coalition of parties yesterday in Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) general elections.

Though losing the popular vote by an estimated 100,000 votes, the PNM was able to capture 23 of the 41 constituencies (“seats”) and re-take hold of the twin-island nation after losing in 2010, then lead by many-term Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

Incidentally (not sure if it’s ironic), Keith Rowley is a trained geologist as was the prior PNM party leader, Patrick Manning.

What yuh think about the new leadership in T&T.  Talk to me nuh.