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JC wins Super Cup, no controversy…
November 9, 2014
Jamaica College (J.C.) football 2014

Jamaica College (JC) put their names beside the 1st Lime Super Cup competition that selects the best 8 Manning Cup group qualifiers against the best 8 DaCosta Cup group competitors.  The final was against Holy Trinity High School, which JC won 2-0.

These were 2 of the 4 schools in the Manning Cup round 2 competition controversy, with JC beating Denham Town 16-0 and Holy Trinity going down to Excelsior 12-0.  Those unusual scores are still under investigation by Jamaica’s ISSA (Inter-Secondary School’s Association).

Congratulations to Jamaica College who aims to win 3-4 Championships.  They face St Georges College (St.G.C.) in the finals of the Walker Cup, scheduled for end of this month.

Come on JC, Come on Excelsior…
November 6, 2014
Jamaica College (J.C.) football 2014

OK, here’s the situation.  It’s November 5th, 2014 and the 2nd round of the Manning Cup.  Group J has Jamaica College (JC) and Excelsior High locked on 4 points after two matches.  This is their last match of the round. Winning (3 points) + goal difference comes into place for both teams.  JC faces Denham Town whilst Excelsior faces Lime Super Cup finalist Holy Trinity High.  This should be a good.  The matches were scheduled to begin at the same time, apparently.

The reality:

1. The matches begin 15 minutes apart.  Suspicious?  Not really.

2. Excelsior Lime Super Cup finalists, Holy Trinity High School, not just a patsy by 12-0.  Yes, you read that right.  Twelve to Nil.

3. Jamaica College, needing the goals, lead 6-0 at half time, then scores another 4 goals in regulation (10-0).  That means, Excelsior goes through, right?  Wait!  Referees adds 6 minutes of extra time, and Denham Town replaces the goalie.  In the 6 mins of extra time, JC scores 6 goals.  I kid you not.  So, JC, by winning 16-0 gets the nod over Excelsior.


I’m guessing there’ll be an investigation by the Manning Cup officials, the four schools, and some punishment handed out, right?  Would you guys agree?  I mean, 12-0 and 16-0 in the 2nd round !!!

If this is coincidence, then we should have either JC or Denham Town represent Jamaica’s under-19 and under-21 teams.  Jamaicans are already suspicious of many things, including Boys & GIrls Champs, boxing results, and so on. So, aren’t many Jamaicans thinking “A wha dis?  Dem ya a sell out.  Mi naw watch nuh more Manning Cup” right now?

Mid-term Election time in the USA
November 4, 2014

Mid-term elections are heating up. What does it mean if Republicans control both the Senate and the House of Representatives? What does it mean if they split again (Republicans control house while Democrats control Senate)?

As of 9:45 PM on Tuesday night, here’s the breakdown*:

Senate: Republicans 45 – Democrats 40 – Independents 2 – Uncounted/Undecided – 13
House [Reps]: Republicans 148 – Democrats 92 – Independents 0 – Uncounted/Undecided – 195
Governors: Republicans 16 – Democrats 10 – Independents 0 – Uncounted/Undecided – 24

* Keep in mind that not all seat were up for grabs. Those seats will be up for grabs in the general elections in 2 years.

Talk to us. People have been quiet this year on the issues.

Miami Heat’s 2014-2015 roster
November 2, 2014
Miami Heat 2014- Deng, McRoberts, Granger, Bosh, Wade

NBA team Miami Heat has it’s 15-man regular season roster for 2014-. They’ve played 2 games, winning both. Check out the roster and comment on what you think, who are good selections, who are OK selections, and who are bad selections.

9 Luol Deng SF
43 Shawne Williams PF
1 Chris Bosh C / PF
30 Norris Cole PG
3 Dwyane Wade SG

32 James Ennis SF / G
4 Josh McRoberts PF
11 Chris Andersen C / PF
13 Shabazz Naipier PG
15 Mario Chalmers SG / PG

22 Danny Granger SF / G
40 Udonis Haslem PF / C
7 Justin Hamilton C
26 Shannon Brown G
24 Andre Dawkins G

I like the roster and am excited to see how well they’ll play. If I were given two changes and such players were available, I feel it would’ve been great to have a big man (7 footer) who can defend and a not-so-big man who is a known, feared, shooter like Ray Allen. Other than those, I think this is a good roster who can win 50-54 games. The team will have to play hard, and not take off parts of games like the past 4 years when they were clearly the best in the East or like Florida State University’s (FSU’s) football team this year.

If the Heat had the 7 foot defender and another shooter, I’d predict 60-64 wins which would put them, on paper, as the best team in the East. Right now, on paper, they’re #2 to #4 in the East… again, on paper. Just a caution, however: Paper doesn’t win games. Each team still has to play well-enough to make the playoffs, let alone top the Eastern Conference.