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What we need is SOLIDARITY in 2011
December 30, 2010

I write a lot of sports- and tech-based articles/posts on Yowlink and elsewhere. I decided to write one on Solidarity, something we need in our homes, families, communities, towns, counties, countries, Caribbean, and world.

Solidarity – Mr. Gypsy Peters “One Caribbean”

Mr.  Yowlink Admin (@admin) posted something in February 2010 entitled One Caribbean? Not quite yet. Can Yowlink help? in which he quoted or paraphrased the great Calypsonian Winston “Gypsy” Peters.  You need to check it out.  In any case, here’s Gypsy’s YouTube video.  Listen to the words like you’ve never listened before.

Yowlink INTENDS to help bridge the gap between Caribbean peoples through online collaboration and networking.  It’s a vehicle that will ultimately unite us and help us build a BETTER Caribbean, one that is multitudes better than the current state, one that many of us will be proud of.  Jamaica/Jamaicans can incorporate some of the things that make Trinidad & Tobago / Tribagonians successful and vice-versa.  Guyana and Barbados can do the same.  Bahamas and Antigua can do the same, and so on and so forth.

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Happy Boxing Day, Yowlink
December 26, 2010

Yow again!!!  Here’s wishing you all a Happy Boxing Day today.

Once again, what does Boxing Day mean to you?  How did it originate?  There are quite a few theories but we welcome yours.  Who knows, some of you may have the facts.

I don’t know so I won’t be too critical of the replies.   We know that over the years, people give gifts and money to the needy on Boxing Day.   The past century seems to involve more gift-giving on or before Christmas than on Boxing Day, however.  Three theories circulating on Boxing Day’s  origin has to do with:

  1. boxing up the old gift wrapping, etc., for the thrash
  2. boxing gifts to present to the poor
  3. traditional day of boxing match

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out it has nothing to do with the word “box” or “boxing”. 😉

Curious what you think and what evidence you have to prove / disprove some ideas.

Merry Christmas Yowlink and Yowlinkers

Yow!!!  Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays today as roughly 2.2 billion people in the world celebrate the Christmas season in style.

“Gold I bring to offer you King. “

“Frankincense and Myrrh…  is what we offer.”

What does Christ-mas mean to you?  Does it mean x-mas, just another holiday, free day off, date selected to celebrate birth anniversary of Christ, confusion, shopping, giving/receiving/sharing gifts, family time, large dinner, re-pagan holiday,  etc.?  Chime in with your comment below.

Feel free to “hail up” someone for Christmas by clicking the comments link at the bottom-right of this post.  You may also share the Christmas wishes with a bredren/idren or sistren or relative on another network by clicking the appropriate link.

Make your school or entity #1 on Yowlink
December 17, 2010

Anyone who represents a school / college / university or other entity (organization, charity, business, etc.), go ahead and type a message here telling us about that entity.  We want to hear.   This is how you “represent” and promote your interests to Caribbean people locally and abroad.

If you are a student 16 or older, you can make your school #1 on Yowlink by logging in, which creates an account, then inviting your schoolmates or former schoolmates to join. You may do this in one of two ways:

  1. verbally
  2. using our simple invite tools / mechanisms
    • one on the right-hand side of every page when logged in
    • the other on your user menu (when you click your name when logged in).

You may be a high school student, trade schools student, or college/university student or Alumnus. Then encourage your friends who log in to do the same.

If you work for a Caribbean company or entity, you may do exactly the same thing. It’s a way to promote your business or entity for FREE.

Yowlink is about making our Caribbean friends #1 in every possible way.

Remember, Yowlink is a FREE network and it’s easy to join.