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Wrestling with Tiger
April 10, 2010

Anyone who have watched “professional wrestling” entertainment in the eighties and nineties might remember “Nature Boy” Rick Flair.  Flashy character… er… individual.  His favorite saying was “Whether you like it… or you don’t… learn to love it… because it’s the best thing going today.  Wooooo!!!” He was entertaining for real.

Well, Tiger is out of the woods and back into the public eye.  He did a true press conference where he was “holding back the tears” and at times where he cried.  Then his main supporter, Nike, created a very clever, but some call creepy, black-and-white ad with a solemn Tiger staring at the camera and the voice Read more

Congrats the the Dukies
April 6, 2010

I never liked Duke University in particular, but I must say one thing.  They are winners!   They have a great basketball program and a good educational tradition.  I must admit that I started rooting for them when my Niece, Tadena, attended recently.

On April 05, Duke University “Blue Devils” defeated this year’s “cinderella team”, Butler, by 2 points to gain their fourth lien on the NCAA Basketball Championships title. Read more

The Religion of Science

No, that title is not backwards.  It’s intentional.  My Caribbean friends, do not let me or anyone deceive you.  Where does common sense come from and do you have it?  Ask yourself that prior to reading this post.

By now most of you have read that scientists from the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) have smashed sub-atomic particles into each other with record energy on Tuesday, creating thousands of  “bangs” like the theoretical primeval explosion (“big bang”) that many believe gave birth to the universe 13.7 billion years ago.

Scientists and engineers in control rooms across the sprawling CERN near Geneva burst into applause as the project to probe the origins of the cosmos scored its first big success.   Loosely named the “Big Bang” project, it cost about $9.4 billion.   It has stirred an age-long debate between religious zealots and non-religious zealots.  Of course most religious zealots oppose while most non-religious zealots support.  There’s a lot of biting sarcasm levied  by supporters and opponents.  In a sense, it’s beyond a debate.  People are mad (upset)! Read more